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The most famous Covid-19 vaccination campaign ever written. Like ever, ever!
Nope it hasn’t run yet. Yes it’s every bit of that mouthful of a claim you just read.
Only because its campaign idea is to feature the world’s most famous taglines
and create the world’s most famous vaccination campaign.


PS.  It's also picked up a fancy award.

As an open-source idea this only takes off if brands and ad agencies around the
world get generous with their famous taglines on their social media platforms. How?
A brand lends (subverts) its own tagline in a Tweet and nominates another brand
to do the same. We've played around with a few iconic taglines, in various media,
but there must be some brilliant campaign lines in other languages - Portuguese,
Spanish, Italian, French, German, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Japanese etc. - that
can be subverted in similar fashion. So if you know of a famous tagline,
give its brand a shout on Twitter to lend it for a good cause.


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